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Biofach 2015

BIOFACH, World's leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, invites the sector to its 26th edition from 11–14 February 2015.

Come and visit us at stand 221 in hall 7.


Wanted! 100 testers. Test Holle Pouchy fruit purees.

Become a “Holle Organic Pouchy” product tester and show your friends and acquaintances how and where you and your little ones enjoy Holle’s fruit-packed purees. You can upload your photos and videos to the Facebook page. You can also comment on the trial promotion and tell everyone just how tasty Pouchys are.

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Holle to support the WIR HABEN DEN MEGASTALL SATT event in Hassleben on 29 June.

Wir haben es satt!

The "Wir haben es satt!“-Demonstration (We’ve had enough of mass animal husbandry) to mark the beginning of Berlin’s Green Week fair has become a firm event on the calendar.

For the last three years 20 000 people, including farmers and consumers, have been coming to Berlin to demonstrate for better agricultural policies.

This year’s motto is “We’ve had enough of agribusiness! Good food. Good farming. For everyone!”

The event will include a mass demonstration to protest against the fattening plant in Haßleben.

The Hassleben-based fattening plant is a symbol of failed agricultural policies. The “Megastall in Haßleben – Wir haben es satt!” demonstration will take place on 29 June 2014 against the backdrop of the regional elections in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia und to illustrate the continuing undesirable developments to the new German federal government and Federal Council, which currently has seven “Green” agricultural ministers.

Holle will be supporting the organisers of this year’s events with a donation of 2 500 €

Support the event too by attending the demonstration:

DEMO SO. 29 June 2014

11.00: Church service in Haßleben (Brandenburg)
13.00: Demonstration outside the fattening plant in Haßleben
14.00: “Agricultural Policy Sunday Walk” with music and protest picnic in Kuhz

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Holle supports the first “We’ve had enough!” congress in Berlin

Wir haben es satt!


Agriculture is undergoing change on a global scale. A steadily increasing world population; the fight against hunger and poverty; secure energy supplies and the containment of current environmental and climate damage – all these factors are directly linked to the way in which our food is produced. What’s more – recurring animal welfare and food scandals and the system of industrial mass production are making people increasingly angry.

So in 2014 over 30 000 people – including conventional farmers and vegans – will be coming together for the annual “We’ve had enough” demonstration. Parallel to this the organizers will also be inaugurating the first “We’ve had enough!” congress in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which is designed as a meeting place; to provide an open forum for discussion and to give the scope required to develop joint visions. It will include exciting lectures, workshops, controversial discussions and interactive large group formats. Participate in the discussion on agriculture and the food of the future! In addition to this, visitors can look forward to a diverse programme of cultural events and culinary delicacies at the “Stadt Land Food” festival in Berlin’s “Markthalle Neun”. 

Holle is supporting the organizers of this year’s activities with a donation of € 2 500

For more information on the congress and to register (in German) visit:


Holle provides a future

A contemplative Christmas to benefit needy children in Uganda

We are particularly pleased that we, Holle baby food GmbH and all our employees, are this year again providing the “Njuba Kinderhilfe Uganda” project with financial assistance. This Christmas every employee will donate a sum of money of their own choice and Holle baby food GmbH will then double the total amount raised.

At Christmas 2013 we also donated money for Njuba and over the course of this year have been able to see for ourselves how life at Njuba has changed and which projects could be realized thanks to our donation. 

The objective of Njuba Kinderhilfe Uganda is to provide orphans and other children with a new, loving home for the long term. The children are cared for until they leave school and given support during subsequent vocational training.

In addition to the home for orphans Njuba’s goal is also to provide the families from Kasubikamu, who live under basic, poor rural conditions with help in the form of various projects. The primary objective is to organize meaningful leisure activities for the children to ease their hard day-to-day lives. The children are also able to benefit from individual assistance.

For more information about the project visit


Holle makes a donation to help unaccompanied child refugees in the Rural District of Lörrach

As the year draws to a close we will once again be making donations to aid projects which focus on helping children and teenagers. This year our financial assistance will again be going to Njuba Kinderhilfe Uganda and a project based in the region where our company is headquartered, the Unaccompanied Child Refugees in the Rural District of Lörrach Project (UMF).

The UMF project is a comprehensive support concept for young people from war zones and crisis areas who arrive at the borders of the Rural District of Lörrach and require youth welfare aid. The project focuses on helping participants gain educational and vocational competence as well as also social and intercultural skills.

The donation, for € 5 000, will fund a number of activities such as, for example, purchasing the sports equipment young people require to be able to join in with the social events and sporting activities of local football clubs. Some of it will go towards purchasing musical instruments for use during therapy sessions. Another item on the list is the fitting out of the wood-working workshop with tools.


New: Porridges and milk cereals now also CO2 neutral

We are participating in global climate protection under the motto “Making soil good”. Since early 2013 we have been compensating for CO2e emissions generated during production of our baby milk formula.
We are pleased that, as of November 2014, we are now also be able to offer all Holle baby porridges and all milk cereals as CO2 neutral products. This means that our core product range is now CO2 neutral from the farmer to the wholesaler.
We obtain our emission certificates through the biodynamic compost projects of Soil & More in Egypt and South Africa.

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100% Pear baby jar now includes 2 % rice

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you that our 100% Pear baby jar now includes 2% rice. The new label is now includes the corresponding information. The revised recipe results in the improved consistency of the puree and easier feeding. The product is still gluten-free and suitable for use when you start to wean your baby. It can later also be combined with other cereal porridges.


NEW! Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 approved for use after 6 months

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to now be able to offer organic follow-on milk based on goat’s milk for use after 6 months. Current changes to the law mean that our popular “Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula” can now be used from 6 months of age instead of only from 12 months, as previously the case. The age recommendation on the packaging will be changed correspondingly. The new “Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2” is suitable for babies who are already taking solids. Babies who are still being fed on liquids only should be given breast milk or an infant formula suitable from birth.  

We would also like to inform you that the packaging for Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2” will be changing:

  • New product name:
    Instead of Organic Goat Milk Nutrition now Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2
  • New age recommendation:
    Instead of from 12 months of age now from 6 months
  • New language version:
    Instead of English/ French now in English

Allergy information:
The composition of Holle Organic Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 corresponds to a follow-on milk which is suitable for infants from 6 months of age who are already taking one solid meal a day. Should a child have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk, he or she may be able to tolerate goat’s milk as an alternative. Goat’s milk can, however, also cause allergies since some of the protein structures contained in cow’s and goat’s milk are the same. Key here is which protein the child has an allergic reaction to. This should, in all cases, be diagnosed by a doctor in order to clarify whether Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 is a suitable alternative for your child.

Please also note that breast milk is always the best source of nutrition for your baby. Holle recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first six months.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Holle nutritional experts:

Telephone: +41 61 645 96 00


Demeter is a favourite brand among Germans

In a representative study carried out by market research institute Forsa to establish Germans’ favourite brands Demeter achieved a place among the Top 50. Demeter tied with Coca Cola as the third most popular food brand and was ranked 27th overall. Only Alnatura and Mars were more popular than Demeter. The Number 1 food brand was Demeter partner Alnatura, with the brand ranked 12th overall. Demeter and Alnatura were the only two organic brands to be included in the Top 50 ranking. “We are proud that the work of our farmers, processors and retailers in Germany has received such recognition,” comments Demeter Managing Director Alexander Gerber on the findings.

For more information about the study click here.


40 years of Demeter at the Schrozberger Molkerei dairy

Holle congratulates the Schrozberger Molkerei dairy on its 40th Demeter anniversary. The 40-year partnership between Demeter and the Schrozberg dairy cooperative was a good reason to celebrate. In addition to Demeter Chairman of the Board Alexander Gerber, Germany’s Minister for Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, and Alexander Bonde, Minister for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection in Baden-Württemberg, attended the event to deliver their congratulations to the Schrozberger dairy farmers in person.
Udo Fischer, Holle’s Managing Director, was also present at the celebrations. Holle and Schrozberg have been working together closely for 4 years now. Since 2010 Holle’s baby milk formula has been manufactured using Demeter milk from the Schrozberger dairy farmers.

For more information about the anniversary celebrations click here.


Help for children in need - Holle donates 3 pallets of baby food for needy children in Syria

Holle is supporting children's charity Keep On, which has been helping children in need via various organizations in conflict areas since early 2013 . The charity is currently focusing on children in refugee camps in Syria. Since spring 2013 Keep On has been able to send 4 aid trucks to Syria. Holle has donated 3 pallets of baby food for the 5th truck. Part of the shipment is earmarked for a children's home for war orphans located near Aleppo.

Why not make a donation for children in need too? Visit


Biodynamic for 90 years – The path for the future

The Demeter community is celebrating 90 years of biodynamic farming!
Under the motto "Biodynamic for 90 years - The path for the future" Demeter proves that biodynamic is innovative, offering answers to the current issues facing society and for which organic farmers are seeking solutions.

For more information visit the Demeter anniversary site.


News from Njiba

At Christmas 2013 all of Holle's employees donated money to the Njuba Kinderhilfe Uganda aid programme. We are pleased that thanks to our donation it has already been possible to complete a larger project, the construction of a bio-gas plant.

The bio-gas plant is fuelled using the manure produced every day by 3 newly-purchased cows. The plant protects the existing trees, already severely under threat, and the climate since it is now no longer necessary to burn wood.

The bio-gas generated is piped straight to the kitchen, where it is used to fuel the cookers. In addition to this, the remaining bio-mass from the fermenter serves as high quality fertilizer for the fields cultivated by Njuba. The plant also makes a fundamental contribution to improving hygienic conditions on site.


For more information about Njuba and the bio-gas plant project download the April 2014 Njuba Newsletter or visit


The new Holle Pouchy range: Discover Holle’s fine fruit purees

Holle will be presenting its new fruit purees made from 100 per cent pureed fruit or fruit and cereal at the Biofach 2014 exhibition. The handy 90 gramme pouch guarantees enjoyment without mess – using products in best Demeter quality, unsweetened and with absolutely no additives. 

The five varied, tasty recipes have been specially designed to meet toddlers’ nutritional needs. The fruit purees are available in “Apple & Peach with Fruits of the Forest”; “Pear & Banana with Kiwi”; “Banana, Apple, Mango & Apricot”; “Apple & Banana with Pear” and “Pear, Apple & Blueberry with Oats” – and will also be enjoyed by adults.

The practical pouches fit in any bag and are also the ideal snack for out and about. For school, leisure and as a dessert.

Organic baby jars with chicken sourced from the rearing of brother roosters by the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland (German Brother Rooster Project)

As a partner of the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland (BID) we are committed to more ethical breeding of laying hens and broilers.  The new Holle Organic Baby Jars with chicken sourced from the rearing of brother roosters will be available from retailers from March 2014. This will provide you with the opportunity to give your child  baby food manufactured accorded to the highest ecological criteria and ethical requirements.  

Products with the BID Label guarantee the following criteria:

  • Brother roosters are reared
  • Free form antibiotics
  • Demeter quality
  • 100% organic feed
  • Tested by an independent certification body

Within the scope of this development we will no longer be using turkey. Instead Holle Organic Baby Jars with poultry meat will exclusively include meat sourced from the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland.

Please click here for more information about the project and the new Organic Baby Jars with chicken from the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland.


New "how-to" videos on weaning

We are pleased to present our new "how-to" videos on the topics of introducing solids and preparing baby porridge. In them midwife Sabine Windmüller and Holle nutritional expert Stefanie Goldenbaum explain how to begin weaning your baby successfully and how to prepare your own baby porridge. Enjoy watching!

Click here to watch the new "how-to" videos.

Sustainability at Holle

The newly developed Holle sustainability ear of grain is the expression of our understanding of sustainability. It also represents the origins of the Holle brand, which began over 80 years ago with the processing of bio-dynamic grain.

The ear of grain is now displayed on our product packaging and a wide range of communication media, together with the slogan “Sustainable from the very beginning”. The aim is to show that Holle is committed to sustainable economic activity from the origins of the raw materials through to the finished product.

To find out more about our understanding of sustainability and our involvement click here.